Patanjali Divya Madhugrit Tablet Use | Benefits | Ingredients | Price

by Digital Marketing on Feb 08, 2023

Patanjali Divya Madhugrit Tablet Use | Benefits | Ingredients | Price

Patanjali divya madhugrit

Patanjali divya madhugrit tablet is a blend of ayurvedic herbs made in patanjali pharmacy. Divya madhugrit tablet made out of herbs like giloy karela ashwagandha and other ingredients. Ashwagandha is one of the herbs which very useful in relieve stress, pain and skin related issues. Divya madhugrit tablet works very well in reducing sugar level in body, controls insulin level and boosts immune and digetion system. 

divya madhugrit Patanjali Divya Madhugrit Tablet Ingredients

Chandraprabha Vati




Shudhha shilajit


Patanjali Divya Madhugrit Uses

Madhugrit vati can be taken 2 tablets twice a day with luke warm water or as directed by physician

Patanjali Divya Madhugrit Benefits 

  • It is made from several herbs that can control diabetes
  • It reduces stress, strain and pain cause from diabetes
  • It helps to reduce stomach related issues
  • Increases energy level, reduce irritability 
  • It strengthens immune system in body

Patanjali Divya Madhugrit Vati Price

Patanjali divya madhugrit vati costs Rs. 300 for 60 tablets