patanjali mint candy menthol 600 gm
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Patanjali Mint Candy Menthol 600 gm

Rs. 150.00
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patanjali mint candy menthol 600 gm

Patanjali Mint Candy Menthol 600 gm

Rs. 150.00
Product description

Patanjali Mint Candy offers a refreshing burst of cool mint flavor. Made with natural ingredients, these candies provide a delightful taste experience, perfect for freshening breath or enjoying as a flavorful treat. Experience the invigorating minty sensation of Patanjali Mint Candy in every bite

Key Benefits :

Mango is a good source of vitamin C, calcium, and iron.
Prevents catching summer heat.
Reduces cholesterol.
Improves eyesight.

Key Ingredients :

Sugar ,
Liquid glucose,
Menthol (0.2%),
Eucalyptus oil

How to use :

Unwrap the candy: Remove the individual candy from its packaging or wrapper to expose the mint candy.

Pop it into your mouth: Place the candy in your mouth and let it dissolve slowly. You can choose to suck on it or chew it, depending on your preference. The candy is designed to release the refreshing mint flavor as you enjoy it.

Experience the cooling sensation: Allow the candy to melt in your mouth, savoring the cool and invigorating mint taste. The mint flavor helps freshen your breath and provides a pleasant sensation.

Enjoy anytime: Patanjali Mint Candy can be enjoyed at any time of the day. It can be a great choice after a meal to cleanse your palate or as a refreshing treat during hot weather. You can also keep a few candies handy in your bag or pocket for a quick pick-me-up whenever you need a burst of minty freshness.

Share with others: If you want to spread the refreshing experience, offer Patanjali Mint Candy to friends, family, or colleagues. It can be a thoughtful gesture to share the minty goodness and brighten someone's day.

Safety information:

mint candies contain menthol and other ingredients that may cause allergic reactions in individuals with specific allergies. If you have known allergies to mint or menthol or have experienced allergic symptoms in the past, it's best to avoid consuming these candies.

Patanjali Mint Candy Menthol 600 is a hard candy that may pose a choking hazard, especially for young children. Always supervise children while they enjoy these candies and encourage them to consume them slowly and carefully.

Like any candy, excessive consumption of Patanjali Mint Candy Menthol 600 can contribute to tooth decay and dental problems. It's recommended to enjoy these candies in moderation and maintain good oral hygiene practices, such as brushing and flossing regularly.

Other Product Info:

Best before – 12 months from manufacturing.

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